Hello, 2014

New Years always offers a good chance to look at things and reevaluated, so I’ve been trying to figure how to do things better (and more often) in the coming year.

I used to blog a lot, when I was the “blog mistress” for RainTown Press, but when I stopped working for RainTown I never quite succeeded in transferring that blogging energy back here. Maybe I was burnt out. Maybe the forces that made me take a break from RainTown also made it hard to prioritize blogging. Or maybe I just got lazy.

Whatever the reason, I want to get back into the blogging swing.

With that in mind, my main goal this year is to blog more about the things I care about. I like doing reviews, but I don’t want that to be the main focus of this blog. This year I’m going to experiment with different topics, and see what comes out working best.

One thing I know is, I want to go beyond just talking about books. Now don’t get me wrong, I love books, but I love stories in general, even when they come in not-book forms. I’ve done occasionally movie reviews in the past, and I’d like to do more, and explore other mediums like comics, video games, or podcasts. Each medium offers a unique way of a telling a story, and that’s what really fascinates me. Basically, I like popular culture, and I’d like to dabble in that discussion more.

But don’t worry. I’m still going to talk about writing, and review my favorite books, I’ll just hopefully be bringing more things into the mix.

2014, here we come!

About Lucy

Lucy lives in Portland, OR, and likes to write about books, anime, and relatable teens living their lives (magical or otherwise). She's a co-host on the CLAMPCAST IN WONDERLAND and WRITE PLACE/WRITE TIME podcasts.
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