Hi, 2016…fancy meeting you here.

E-gad, it’s been a year since I updated this blog! …my bad.

To be honest, I’m still trying to decide how I want to use this blog. When I was running Blog Town for RainTown Press, I had a clear focus: book reviews, and small press announcements. The book blogger community is so vast and productive, and I used to really want to be a part of that.

But these days? Well, I love that community, but it’s just not where my passion currently lies.

I want this blog to be an expression of me, and the area where my professional and personal sides collide. Like most budding authors, I struggle with that question of what to share and what not to share. I love writing and I love storytelling (books, movies, podcasts, etc), but I love a lot more than that, too. I still want to make this blog focus beyond just books and writing, but I think reviews may not be the way to go. Not for me, not right now.

So, lets get back to the basics. Writing.

Here’s where I am right now: I have a handful of full or partial manuscripts from doing Nanowrimo for ten years. Some of them are over 50,000 words, some are barely pushing 20,000. Some of them I love. Some of them I’m less fond of. Some of them are the same story, tackled a few years apart. I also have a few short stories kicking around, and a ton of story ideas. I need to start moving forward with this writing thing.

So, for now, my plan is to start posting project updates. It will help keep me motivated, and hey, they may even be enterainining. Once I’ve gotten into a better swing of things, I’d like to branch into other types of posts, but we’ll just take this one step at a time.

About Lucy

Lucy lives in Portland, OR, and likes to write about books, anime, and relatable teens living their lives (magical or otherwise). She's a co-host on the CLAMPCAST IN WONDERLAND and WRITE PLACE/WRITE TIME podcasts.
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