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2018 – Media Literacy Goals

I do have some general goals like “work out more,” “eat better,” and “update your damn blog every week,” but I wanted to do something a bit more interesting this year. Continue reading

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Quick Reads

If you’re anything like me, the coming of 2013 means one thing…only a handful of days left to win my Goodreads Reading Challenge! Continue reading

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Summer Reads

It’s weird. This is the first summer I’ve ever had that wasn’t between one school year or another, one class or another. Last summer I was in graduation-mode, with all the distractions that come with it. This year…I’m a full-fledged … Continue reading

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How YA Rocked My World, and Why I’m Never Going Back

Ok, maybe “never” is too strong of a word, but reading adult novels has become a rarity in my life. And I’m an avid reader. And avid reader with a BA in English. Literature, I get. But I still prefer … Continue reading

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Road-Trip Reading List

Earlier I mentioned my trip to Montana, and the gross amount of library books I had checked out to keep myself entertained. Well, I figured, why keep all that great reading to myself? So here’s my reading list. Most of … Continue reading

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