Review Policies

Review Policy

I’m constantly reading, and  while I’m happily accept reader-copies or ARCs for review, I’m kind of selected about the books I accept, since I refuse to post negative reviews. I’ll only accept or seek out review-copies of books I’m legitimately interested in; I don’t want to waste your resources.

I will try to accommodated your needs, but if you need it by a specific time, it’s best to contact me a few months ahead of time. If for some reason I’m unable to finish a book in time for a tour or scheduled event, I will work with you to formulate a substitute post. I will always contact you in with any changes in tour or event plans; you will never be surprised with a missing post.

I primarily review young adult books, and occasionally middle grade books.

Genres I prefer:
-queer fiction
-contemporary fiction
-dystopian and speculative fiction

To submit a book for review, simply contact me, and we’ll talk details.

I will happily accept e-galleys for my Nook.

Interview and Blog Tour Policy

I’m always happy to interview authors, or be part of a tour or event. In the case of interviews, I usually prefer to have read a book by an author before I interview them.  This is not always necessary, but it allows me to come up with in-depth, informed questions. Review copies are very much appreciated (physical or e-book versions), but I can also attempt to get books from my local library and bookish friends.

I take tour events seriously. I’ve seen tours from the publisher side of things, and I know what goes in to making them work, and how many people you are trying to juggle. If I agree to be part of your tour, I will honor that agreement; if the nature of my post has to change, I will work with you to ensure that we’re both happy with the result.

I actively maintain a Facebook page, and Twitter, Tumblr, and Goodreads accounts, in addition to this blog. I’ll promote events primarily through Facebook and Twitter, and cross-post reviews and articles via Tumblr and Goodreads.

I’m happy to be part of giveaways, big or small, and I enjoy working closely with indie authors and publishers.

To talk more about a tour, interview, or event, feel free to contact me!