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5 Things GT Could Have Done Well (But Didn’t)

It’s common knowledge that GT kinda sucked, but it could have been so great. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Riverdale

I put off watching Riverdale for awhile, so I’m only now adjusting to the odd combo that is classic Archie comics meets Veronica Mars. And I gotta say…I don’t hate it. Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

Creative blocks happen. But they’re not the end of the world, and they’re not all in your head; they’re your story trying to tell you something. Continue reading

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Queer Characters in YA Dystopians

I seriously believe that a fictional world that doesn’t include LGBTQIA+ characters is a poorly constructed world. Continue reading

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Musical Monday #1: Marilyn Hanson

I’m not terribly qualified to talk about music. But I’m going to anyway. I’m going to lean into this discomfort and try to just enjoy talking about the songs I love. Continue reading

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2018 – Media Literacy Goals

I do have some general goals like “work out more,” “eat better,” and “update your damn blog every week,” but I wanted to do something a bit more interesting this year. Continue reading

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Why Does Everyone Like Vegeta?

Vegeta is a very popular character. It’s rare to see promotional material without him, and he’s one of the characters that is most recognized by people who aren’t familiar with the show—even among those who don’t watch anime. And there are good reasons for this. Continue reading

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